Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Vacation by Dana

I wish I could say that the reason we haven't posted in awhile is because we were out of town but actually we were only gone 3 days! We promise another recipe real soon though. For now, we just want to share some of our vacation pictures.

Here is a nice picture Kay took of Chicago. We had plenty of time to take pictures because we sat in traffic for over 3 hours just to get through Chicago!
This is one reason I prefer Michigan to Wisconsin. There is no way to get to Wisconsin without going through the city.

We stayed in Madison, Wisconsin but spent most of our time in Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds which are about 25 minutes away. Bill rode in the Horribly Hilly Hundred bike ride.

In Mount Horeb there is a mustard museum which I think is very interesting but no one else seems to share my enthusiasm! They have over 4600 different kinds of mustard from all states and many countries. Here are some old tins.

Here is poor Kay who I made pose next to a giant bottle of mustard! She looks thrilled, doesn't she?

But here we are at our main reason for being there. The night before the ride, we were driving around (it is beautiful!) and Bill kept saying "These hills are going to be no problem", and in his defense, hills are what he is best at.

As you can see, though, the hills were a bit of a problem! It took him several more hours than he had expected and he was pretty wiped out by the end of it.

To keep this on a somewhat food related note, here is a picture of the meal I cooked after the bike ride in our awesome hotel room kitchen. It isn't too fancy but we loved being able to cook in our room!

Spaghetti, boiled carrots, bread, and salad.


Lydia said...

Love the photos of the mustard museum!

Holler said...

That traffic sounded horrendous, but the meal sounded good! Did you all go on the bike ride or is dad the only crazy one?

Dana Bill & Kayleigh said...

No way, only Bill went on the bike ride!! We are not that crazy! Kay and I were at the mustard museum, mall, looking at trolls and at the hotel watching tv while he was killing himself on those hills!