Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another non-food post

I know this seems to be a habit lately but we did something very unusual today so we had to post about it. There is a new movie being filmed about Dillinger right now and since the jail he escaped from is still in its original state, they are doing some of the filming in the actual building. And where is this building? 10 minutes from our house. And who is the star of this movie? JOHNNY DEPP!! Rumor has it that they start shooting tomorrow morning at 6 AM. Kay really wants to go down there before school. We'll see.

In the meantime, we went to the site today and looked around. You can't get into the actual jail but they do let you in to the speakeasy next door. Here are some pictures (unfortunately none with Johnny Depp!)

Many of the stores around the square have displays in their windows. This is in our favorite corner ice cream and sandwich shop. You can kind of see Kay's reflexion.

This is the window of the antique store.

This is the old jail. The cells are on the second floor.

This is the building next to the jail that they are using for staging and also the speakeasy set is in the basement.

This is in the speakeasy. That's the "Lady in Red" to the right.

Here is Kay checking out the jukebox.

And here we are pretending to have a drink. (We were actually just happy to get out of the cold for a few minutes!)

Here is a prop we spotted in the hallway.

And here are the lights next to the jail all set up for tomorrow's shoot.

Actually we did make some really good cookies that we are going to post either later today or tomorrow - promise!


Veggie said...

OMG! Johnny Depp! That's so exciting, I hope you get to see him.

Champsleeve said...

I'm glad someone else thinks this is exciting too!! One of Kay's friends saw Johnny Depp in a restaurant last night. He has really short hair and I heard he looks like he is about 15 years old.


Veggie said...

I wish he was filming near me.

That would be so cool to see him at restaurant, although I don't think i'd be able to eat.