Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vegetable Tarts

Like I said in a previous post, I received a ridiculous amount of tomatoes from the farm this week along with a another bag full of zucchini and squash. I had been hanging on to this recipe from La Tartine Gourmande for awhile and this seemed like the perfect time to try it. I'm not going to repost the recipe since I followed it exactly as written except that I substituted margarine for the butter and vegan cream cheese flavored with chives and herbs for the Gorgonzola. Also, her picutres are far superior to mine so I suggest you follow the link to her original post!

Bill and Kay don't care for fennel or whole tomatoes so I made a second crust and topped it with zucchini. I sliced 1 zucchini and 2 small yellow squash and sauteed them in a little bit of olive oil with ground thyme, salt, and pepper for about 5 minutes. I followed the same baking directions as the tomato and fennel tart.

We ate these at room temperature on Sunday but warmed them slightly in the oven on Monday for our lunch. They were just as good the second day!

Kay: I liked this better the first day. The second day I thought the balsamic vinegar taste was too strong and I couldn't taste the zucchini that well.

Mom (Dana): Next time I think I'll cut the vinegar in half. It was really good but a little overpowering. I'm definitely using this base again, though. Everyone enjoyed it.

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