Thursday, March 27, 2008

One last Public Enemies post

We couldn't help ourselves, we kept going back to the set! It seemed somehow wrong not to go every night. When will we have something like this so close to home?! We never did get a picture of Johnny Depp. Every time we showed up, we would hear that just a half hour before he had been out. The worst, though, was Tuesday. I thought we should wait until after dinner so Bill could go with but then I asked Kay when she got home from school and she wanted to go right away. It was looking promising for awhile. His car pulled around to the front of the jail so everyone was sure he was about to leave but then after about 30 minutes some unknown woman got in the car.

Kay's cold was really bad and she wanted to leave but then changed her mind and wanted ice cream instead. I was pretty sure the ice cream shop on the corner closed early but we headed down there anyway. Of course we had to detour several blocks away. When we were almost back to the street but on the other side of the barriers, we heard screaming. Kay took off running. He was apparently on the porch but I couldn't distinguish him from any of the other people standing up there.

We stood there for a few minutes until I took a false step, tripped on the curb, and went flying to the ground. I'm really graceful like that! We decided that was a good time to continue to the ice cream shop which was, of course, closed. So we headed home, Kay very grouchy and me, in more and more pain by the second. After dinner Bill asked if we wanted to go back but I could barely walk by this point and Kay was a grouchy mess so we said no. To add insult to injury (literally) the next morning the paper said that shortly after we left, he had walked up and down the line giving autographs and taking pictures.

Still we had to go back! Last night we waited until after dinner. They had more of the roads closed off than usual so they must have been doing some of the street scenes earlier in the day. We stood around for awhile then we heard people screaming down towards the back of the building. Again Kay takes off running but I took my time because I was scared to death of falling again! Apparently he had just walked out of the back door and into his trailer. There were too many people down at this end so Kay couldn't see anything but I kept my eye on the light in the trailer window. Finally he came out and went back into the building but it was too dark to really see anything. So we left.

Even though we didn't get a picture, we had fun (except for the part where I collapsed!) and it was interesting to see how they do things. Here are a few of our pictures from the past two days.

First from Tuesday:

Here are some of the old cars they used.

Here's one of the extras in an old police officer uniform. Obviously he wasn't filming at the time since he is carrying a cell phone!

Here you can see the passenger side door of Johnny's car which we stared at for about half an hour!

And finally, here we are, moments before I fell. He is apparently up there on the porch among all these people. Do you see him? Me neither!

Now for Wednesday:

Here are those big lights turned on.

Here is Kayleigh IM'ing her aunt on my phone.

Eventually, my cell phone started to die so she had to resort to...

stretching. Yes, she is actually doing her soccer stretches while we waited on the side of the street! Very glamorous, don't you think?!

But now the picture we waited days to get. Johnny Depp.

I guess you will just have to trust me that he is there!

We've been fitting in all of this stalking around our normal work, school, soccer practice, homework, and orthodontist appointments. We are exhausted so I plan to pass out in front of the tv for the rest of the night! I'm just not cut out for all this excitement!

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