Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bunch of excuses and Paper Chef

We've been cooking like crazy lately, really! The problem has been that:

1. Everything has been from the same few books, from which I've already posted several fantastic dishes,

2. It has been so good that we devoured it all before even thinking to take a picture, or

3. While I thought it was delicious, Kay didn't so it therefore didn't fit into the blog.

I think those are very good excuses!

The one item that we ate too fast to take a picture of was truly fantastic and I promise to make it again very soon and take a picture.

Our biggest disaster in a long time though, was for the Paper Chef challenge this month. The ingredients were pistachios, green chilies, and polenta. I love love love pistachios and chilies but the sight of polenta made me groan. Yuck - I hate it. When I told Kay the ingredients, I received a huge "eww" when I got to the polenta. From Bill, same reaction. From my mom, same. You get the picture. We don't like polenta! Still I wanted to try to make something so I went and bought some polenta. Big mistake. It was disgusting! Bill and I managed to eat a little bit of it. Kay wouldn't even try it and we certainly weren't going to make her. So if you like polenta, then I strongly urge you to keep and eye on http://lucullian.blogspot.com/ for the round up because I'm sure everyone is coming up with great dishes.

So we are still alive and cooking and plan to have something to post very soon!

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