Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving by Kay

On Thanksgiving, I spent the afternoon at my Grandma Mary's house. We had a big feast for lunch/dinner. At the beginning, we were just waiting for people to come. We played games and I played with my youngest cousin, Courtney. She is one year old. I'm sorry about the bad picture. This isn't from yesterday, it is from November 4th.

I ate ham, turkey, scalloped potatoes that I hated, broccoli, and best of all, amazing pudding! My Aunt Mary Jean brings it every year and Larry, my uncle, and I eat it all up! Yesterday, I asked her if I could put the recipe on the blog. Here's the famous pudding.

Aunt MJ's Amazing Pudding

-Jello vanilla pudding


-vanilla wafer cookies

-cool whip

In a big bowl, place a layer of cookies.

Make pudding according to directions.

Pour a portion of pudding over cookies.

Make several layers of cookies and pudding.

Top with cool whip.

Crumble a couple of cookies on top.

She didn't put this but I think she put it in the refrigerator until the cookies get mushy.

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