Saturday, April 21, 2007

More new vegetables

Well since our first try at a new vegetable wasn't very successful, we decided to try 2 new recipes today. Both of these are directly from A Veggie Venture and I didn't really change anything so I will just link to the original recipes. I will show you pictures of our attempts though.

First, for lunch I made Chopped Salad with Sun-dried Tomato Dressing. It contained both jicama and mango which Kay had never tried. She liked both of them. The original recipe called for orange segments but I liked the suggestion of mango so we went for that instead. Kay made the dressing herself. She never passes up a chance to use the food processor! Here is what it looked like without the dressing on it.

Then with dinner, I made the Sugar Snap Peas with Lemon Butter. None of us had ever had sugar snap peas so this seemed like a good choice. Bill and I really liked them and they were really easy to make which was an added bonus. Kay claims she didn't like them but I noticed that she ate them without too much trouble. (Her friend was over at the time so I think she was putting on a bit of an act). Here is what they looked like with our fettuccine.

We were much much MUCH happier with these recipes than the celery!

Kay: I tried the salad and I really liked the jicama and the mango. I helped make the dressing but I don't like putting dressing on salads. My hamster tried the jicama and he really liked it. The sugar-snap peas did not have any flavor to me. I ate them anyway.

Mom (Dana): That salad was fantastic! Today was our first nice day in a while (it snowed last week during spring break) and these vegetables smelled like summer to me. Those sugar snap peas are a great side dish that I'm sure we will have again.


Alanna said...

You guys are amazing!! You're being such good veggie evangelist that you've got the hamster eating jicama!

If Kay would like to do a guest post on A Veggie Venture, she'd be welcome!!

Kay & Mom said...

Thanks for the offer. I would like do that over the summer.